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English 10: Get Reel

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  • The difference is that we incorporate digital media to not only engage with the curriculum but also to learn valuable career skills. Students learn  skills such as film and audio recording/editing, script writing, journalism, and media analysis to create powerful video and multimedia productions.

  • Yes. We still read many of the same books that the other SRHS Sophomore English classes read. We still focus on academic, analytical and creative writing; however, we approach this work in an interactive, hands-on, project-based style. We use digital media (video and multimedia production) to develop and improve as critical thinkers and writers.

  • Yes, it is. The class uses a UC-approved curriculum. Students receive their 10th grade English CP credit that fulfills both high school graduation and college acceptance requirements. Plus, students will also learn practical college and career skills.

  • We are committed to the idea that school should be a fun and creative learning environment and that students should experience expectations which require habits and behaviors that ensure their success in the work place or in college.

  • Absolutely! We will teach you everything you need to know. Chances are you know more than you think.

  • If you have difficulty with consistent attendance or do not have the ability to be on time, then this class is not for you. The projects we produce are done within collaboratively working groups. If you cannot honor your responsibility to the group and the work, others feel the consequences as well as you. Typically, your classmates will request to no longer work with you and those requests are honored.

    Please feel free to contact Mr. Cortez with any questions, comments or concerns.