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As the parent organization at SRHS, we are a volunteer-run PTO that strives to enhance our students’ high school experience by providing academic, student and community program. WeAreSR! bridges the financial gap to support all Booster groups with financial strength for their programs. WeAreSR! covers important student needs not currently met by any district, state or federal funding. WeAreSR! is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (San Rafael High School Boosters, Inc.) Tax ID #68-0043106.

SRHS is fortunate to have such a dedicated community of families with so much talent to share. The benefits of volunteer contributions to SRHS and its students are immeasurable! Please consider joining the team and attend one of our meetings to see how you can help. Click here to see what each volunteer role entails... WeAreSR! Board Roles & Responsibilities.



In 2022-2023, WeAreSR! accomplished many things:

  • Helped fund Booster Groups (Art, Athletics, Drama & Music)
  • Provided professional development for staff 
  • Field trips
  • Teacher grants
  • Rejuvenated staff lounge
  • ELD Library books
  • Fans in the main Gym
  • College and Career Center support

In 2023-2024, so far WeAreSR! has helped fund:

  • Booster Groups (Art, Athletics, Drama & Music)
  • College and Career Center support
  • Agendas
  • Big Skills Tiny Homes (SRHS CTE Construction Class) supplies
  • Academy of Engineering and Technology’s Sonoma State visit
  • Teacher Appreciation events
  • Field trips
  • ELD Oakland Zoo Experience



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-Donate to the WeAreSR! Annual Fund! We fund important student needs not currently met by any district, state, or federal funding. Every cent raised goes towards improving the high school experience for all students.

-Done a WeAreSR! ¡Fondo Anual! Financiamos necesidades importantes de los estudiantes que actualmente no son cubiertas por ningún financiamiento distrital, estatal o federal. Cada centavo recaudado se destina a mejorar la experiencia de la escuela secundaria para todos los estudiantes.

-Get a United Card and use it when you shop at either United Store in San Rafael.  It costs nothing, and it supports SR! Drop by the Office to get a card.

-Obtenga una Tarjeta United y usela cuando compre en cualquiera de las Tiendas United en San Rafael. No cuesta nada y es compatible con SR! Pase por la oficina para obtener una tarjeta.



WeAreSR! Contact Info / Información de Contacto

WeAreSR! Roles & Responsibilities - English

WeAreSR! Funciones y Responsabilidades - Spanish




WeAreSR! meetings are Hybrid and usually the 4th Tuesday of each month @ 6:30pm in the Student Commons and on Zoom (Spanish translation available).

WeAreSR! Las reuniones son híbridas y generalmente el cuarto martes de cada mes a las 6:30 p. m. en Student Commons y en Zoom (traducción al español disponible).


WeAreSR PTO Meeting Dates & Minutes

Tuesday, August 29th   (August Meeting Minutes)

Tuesday, September 26th  (September Meeting Minutes)

Wednesday, October 25th (October Meeting Minutes)

Tuesday, November 28th (November Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 30th (January Meeting Minutes)

Tuesday, February 27th (February Meeting Minutes)

Tuesday, March 26th (March Meeting Minutes)

Tuesday, April 23rd (April Meeting Minutes)

Tuesday, May 21st (May Meeting Minutes)

SAVE THE DATE:  AUGUST 27TH, 2024 is our PTO Meet & Greet Meeting to kick-off the 2024-25 school year!

Tuesday, August 27th  

Tuesday, September 24th  

Tuesday, October 22th 

Tuesday, November 19th (3rd Tuesday due to the Thanksgiving Break) 

Tuesday, January 28th,  2025 

Tuesday, February 25th 

Tuesday, March 25th 

Tuesday, April 22nd 

Tuesday, May 20th (3rd Tuesday due to the Memorial Day Holiday)