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2020-2021 Athletics 

It was a big week for interscholastic athletics. The North Coast Section (NCS) Board of Managers approved the attached document. We needed this to happen to begin our next phase of planning. At this moment, each league now has the flexibility to submit their own proposals given the recommendations attached.

2020-2021 Sports Schedules

NCS has approved the schedule (scroll below) set forth by the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL). The league's goal is to provide every student athlete with the opportunity to participate in their respective sports.

The start dates and end dates for sports are as follows (listed by start date.) Please note a sport will only start if the county is in the color tier by the sport season's start date.

Swimming (Purple): February 22nd - April 16th
Cross Country (Purple): February 22nd - April 9th
Mt. Biking (Purple): TBD

Girls Tennis (Purple): March 1st - April 16th
Girls Golf (Purple): March 1st - April 16th
Football (Orange): March 1st - April 17th
Cheer (Red): March 1st - April 17th

Baseball (Red): March 15th - May 22nd
Softball (Red): March 15th - May 22nd
Girls Lacrosse (Red): March 15th - May 8th

Boys Soccer (Orange): April 12th - June 4th
Girls Soccer (Orange): April 12th - June 4th
Volleyball (Orange): April 12th - June 4th
Boys Lacrosse (Orange): April 12th - June 4th
Track and Field (Purple): April 19th - June 4th

Boys Tennis (Purple): April 19th - June 4th
Boys Golf (Purple): April 19th - June 4th
Boys Water Polo (Orange): April 19th - June 4th
Girls Water Polo (Orange): April 19th - June 4th
Boys Basketball (Yellow): April 19th - June 4th
Girls Basketball (Yellow): April 19th - June 4th
Boys Wrestling (Yellow): April 19th - June 4th
Girls Wrestling (Yellow): April 19th - June 4th

Student Athlete Registration

Student Athletes whom are interested in participating in athletics for the 2020-2021 school year will need to fill out the following two forms. All student athletes must have the two forms filled out before participating in athletics.

1. "Selecting your Sports" Google Forms - Due by Monday, February 15th

2. FamilyID


As a result of the pandemic moving the seasons of sports around, theres been a couple new changes:

1. In accordance to NCS and the guidelines presented by the California Department of Public Health student athletes will no longer be allowed to participate in more than one athletic cohort/team at at time.This means that all student athletes who are participating in club sports will need to choose between high school or club regardless if they are the same or different sports. 

2. As a result of these changes and the pandemic moving the seasons of sports around, the athletic directors and principals will allow student athletes to change sports mid-season if that sport is listed as their primary sport.  




In order to participate in these cohorts, we are asking for the following:

  • A Physician’s Clearance form on file with the Athletic Department. The CIF requires a clearance to participate during your season of sport; however, we are requiring a clearance to qualify for one of our cohorts.

  • Agreement not to participate in any other activities (club sports or large gatherings that are outside of county regulations) during your cohort.

  • Student athletes must keep at least a 6ft distance between one another. 

  • Student athletes must wear a mask at all times even when participating in the sport.