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College Costs

The cost of attending college varies greatly from one college to another.  When thinking about how much it will cost to attend a college, be sure to consider all the components of the total cost and the financial aid that may be available. Never outrule a college, that is a good fit, due to the cost until you compare financial aid packages from each school. Packages are somewhat negotiable. If you live close enough to a college  to commute, you can always live at home to save money ,unless the college requires you live on campus.

  • Tuition and fees:  This is the amount charged per unit/credit, class or semester as well as the various fees connected with attendance. These fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Books and supplies:  You must purchase your own books at college.  Sometimes you can buy used books and often you can sell your books to someone else at the end of the class. Books are expensive.
  • Room and board:  This is your cost for a place to sleep and food.  If you are thinking about living at home, you might want to determine how much it will cost so that you can accurately compare that option to living on campus.  Note that if you live off campus, the room and board cost may be more or less than the cost to live on campus.
  • Transportation:  The transportation cost includes getting to and from college, coming home for weekends and vacations, and getting to campus for classes. Obviously, the further you are from home, the higher your transportation costs.
  • Personal Expenses:  Included here is entertainment, personal items, medical expenses and clothing.

college costs
* Registration fees and tuition are subject to change without notice. 

** For a community college student, room and board expenses reflect the average cost of living at home.  For all other students, costs include living in on-campus housing.