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Need a little help with your English assignments? 

Need a space to work on English homework? Want to just hang out?

The English department now offers tutoring after school Monday-Thursday!  

English Department
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About the English Department

The SRHS English Team is Busy Figuring out Distance Learning!

Summer Assignments

We encourage all students to read a novel over the summer!  Students entering any of the English Honors or Advanced Placement courses are expected to read a text over the summer in order to strengthen reading skills, and to prepare for next year.  All summer assignment provide students with several texts from which to choose.  All students are asked to obtain their own copy of a text this year, and may read either a hard copy of the book they get through a library, borrow, or purchase.  Or, they may read an electronic copy of the text they find online.  Specific concepts that your teachers will want you to focus on while reading are detailed in each summer assignment.  Summer assignments have been crafted by grade/course teams, and reflect the expectations of all English teachers at SRHS.  

9th Grade English Honors

10th Grade English Honors

10th Grade Get Reel English

11th Grade & Media Academy Advanced Placement English Language

12th Grade Advanced Placement English Literature


The English Department

Right now, the SRHS English department is busy researching and learning the best techniques and strategies for engaging our students through Distance Learning.  Whether we are in the classroom, or connecting with our students online, we want our students to experience opportunities to discuss the big ideas we encounter in literature and film.  We want to help them develop the strong reading and writing skills that will prepare them for college and the work place.  And we want them to express themselves creatively!  

Incoming 9th Graders

The English Placement Assessment is a reading and writing task designed to ensure two things: that the English teachers at SR have a sense of the skills, talents and academic needs of their incoming students, and that we are able to make informed placement recommendations to counselors and families.  The task itself is similar to those students regularly encounter in class: reading an informational article and responding to that article in writing.  The assessment is designed to be completed in a 55 minute class period.  Student work will be scored against a rubric that assesses reading comprehension and writing skills.  Score information and feedback about recommended placement will be made available to counselors and families.


English Department Program Options for an incoming 9th grader can be pretty overwhelming.  "Do I need a support class?" "Should I take honors?" "What happens if I take honors and I can't handle it?"  "What if I don't sign up for honors, and then change my mind?"  Check out this linked FAQ page for our answers to those questions!

English Locker
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English Electives!

The English Department also offers several elective courses:



Creative Writing